Letter: Abigail Semple on the importance of The Beacon

By Abigail Semple

Abigail Semple is the executive treasurer for Emerson College’s Student Government Association.

Although it has been a long and rocky semester, we, as the Student Government Association’s Executive Board, would like to appreciate the tireless work of The Berkeley Beacon and its staff.

Although SGA may not always agree with The Beacon’s methods, we recognize and share your dedication to forging a better, more democratic Emerson. The efforts of the Student Government Association would fall into the abyss if not for our college’s paper of record. We both make mistakes, but we share the goal of providing the students with a platform for conversation, discussion, and growth.

As the only publication that reports extensively on campus affairs, Emerson College Athletics, and SGA, you keep us all on our toes. Your staff has been instrumental in the Marlboro-Emerson merger, being the first Emerson students to arrive on the Vermont campus, unsurprisingly. You began to build the bridge between our two colleges while continuing to deftly inform both campuses and the surrounding communities. You also pride yourself on professionalism, creating a newsroom environment that has produced many talented professional journalists. You run headfirst after a story, make tough choices, and then present how you came to your conclusions.

With the immense power to shape narratives on our campus comes the immense responsibility to be truthful and thoughtful—not simply printing a story because you can, but because you should. We see the good in The Berkeley Beacon as they provide an invaluable service to the Emerson College community.

So, from one org to another, thank you.