Letter to the Editor: concerned faculty response to Lowrie memo

Written in response to a memo sent to the Emerson community by Faculty Assembly Chair Anthony Lowrie, which called for a private investigation into student claims of racism and cultural insensitivity.

In response to the 11/2/17 Berkeley Beacon editorial on the lack of public faculty response to the assertions made by Faculty Assembly Chair Anthony Lowrie in his 17-page email (10/30/17), we the under-signed full-time faculty state that the Assembly Chair does not speak for us or represent our views.

We are committed to continuing the work of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Cultural Competency, addressing the points raised by POWER in its petition, and working alongside students and the administration in making Emerson a more inclusive place for all.

Wendy W. Walters, Nigel Gibson, Miranda Banks, Cara Moyer-Duncan, Kim McLarin, Yasser Munif, Mirta Tocci, Roy Kamada, Catherine D’Ignazio, Katerina Gonzalez Seligmann, Mneesha Gelman, Erika Williams, Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Ed Lee, Russell Newman, Jane Shattuc, Maria Agui Carter, P. Carl, Bethany Nelson, Kenneth Cheeseman, Lizzy Cooper Davis, Robert Colby, A.W. Nadine Grant, Lindsay Beamish, Craig Mathers, Eric Weiss, Daniel Burmester, Melia Bensussen, Kathleen Donahue, Maureen Shea, Fredericka King, Diane DiCroce, Jonathan Goldberg, Debra Acquavella, Mary Harkins, Sariva Goetz, Jabari Asim, Maria Koundoura, Bill Beuttler, John Skoyles, Adam Spry, Susanne Althoff, Gian Lombardo, Jon Papernick, Dan Weaver, Douglas Koziol, Mako Yoshikawa, Rick Reiken, John Rodzvilla, Steve Himmer, Tamera Marko, Stephen Shane, Jerald Walker, John Trimbur, Maria Flook, Jerry Lanson, Cindy Rodriguez, Mark Leccese, Owen Eagan, Cathryn Edelstein, Phillip Glenn, Jeremy Heflin, Heather May, Richard West, Tom Cooper, Brooke Knight, Theodore Life, Anya Belkina, De-nin Lee, Cher Knight, Lauren Shaw, Camilo Ramirez, Korbett Matthews, James Sheldon, Tom Kingdon, Charles McCarry, Sarah Zaidan, Paul Turano, Jim Macak, Shaun Clarke, Bavand