Letter from the Editor—On election day

Dear community,

Today I am proud to be a woman. You read that correctly.

Today, we should be proud we endure. Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss, and subsequent graceful speech in which she concedes to the president elect, proves the resilience of women. Her life has essentially been donated to us as a vehicle for change. She has thrown herself into the fire for us, facing the brunt of sexism and humiliation in an effort to make change and reclaim power. The sacrifice of her personal life, her marriage, or any semblance of conventionality, is something to respect.

And although she did not win that oval, I am still proud to be a woman. We must be, now more than ever, proud of our womanhood. We must flaunt our femininity in the face of those who want to control it. We must tend to it, let it grow, in the face of those who want to crush it. We must show that women will persevere. We must show that we are a true force to be reckoned with—a group of people with scars that show a well of fortitude. We have shown a determination to live.

Today, to women—to any isolated group or minority or gender—it is important to decide what part of the world you will claim as your own. What will you conquer? Who will you lead? You must decide, today, to become a leader for our country. We must decide, today, that we will not let anyone take our pride. Despite what it seems the world is telling us, women and minority groups of any kind are needed now, more than ever, in the spotlight. Claim yours.


Jackie Roman