Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

We at the Beacon are excited to share this week’s print issue with you, the first with a new order of sections and a brand new back page concept. Pages six and seven, previously devoted to Sports, is the new home to Arts. You can now find your Emerson Athletics news on pages 10 and 11. Additionally, you’ll find that the back page has been dubbed Feature, and is the spot for a weekly, in-depth look at people, organizations, and topics related to Emerson.

With the launch of the redesigned berkeleybeacon.com last year, we have been able to track what the most popular stories and sections of the Beacon are. As a college rooted in the communications and the arts, it has been no surprise that the Arts section is one of the most popular. Moving the pages to the middle of the print edition of the Beacon will allow for the stories to shine with color photos.

Sports sections of a newspapers are traditionally toward the back, and while we have loved having the section centered in the Beacon with color, we decided it was time for Arts to have a chance in the spotlight.

With the new Feature section, there may be times that coverage of our athletes can be printed in color again on the back page. There will also be times that the best stories and topics from other sections appear in color. The beauty of the Feature is that it is not devoted to one topic, but rather it’s exactly as its title says: a feature article of what’s new, interesting, and relevant in the Emerson community.

We hope you enjoy this addition to the Beacon and our section switch.


Heidi Moeller