Letter to the editor from Elise Harrison

To the Editor,

Thank you for your article and support for Counseling and Psychological Service.  After reading the article, I want to add a clarification.  The Board of Trustees has been a friend and support to ECAPS. Members of the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees have shown their support by inviting ECAPS and Active Minds to speak at a Student Life committee meeting last year.  They invited us back this year for an update of services and student needs which is a strong endorsement of their understanding of the importance of mental health issues at Emerson.

The Student Life Committee has been very supportive and have a commitment to continuing good Counseling services at Emerson.  The decisions about hiring new staff for ECAPS and other departments is considered in the context of a larger strategic plan within the college.

I am so appreciative of the institutional commitment for ECAPS at Emerson. ECAPS will continue to improve and advocate for the needs of Emerson students as we see the need for more mental health services grow.

Thank you to the Beacon staff for your support and advocacy for the mental health services for students at Emerson.

Elise Harrison, Director of Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services