Letter to the Editor from Tau Zaman

Dear Editor,

Now that elections have passed and the student body has spoken on the constitutional amendment, I would invite the Beacon to continue fostering the healthy yet constructive relationship with SGA that I suggested in my past letter. In light of recent discourse regarding the eight percent clause, I have been asked to write to you on behalf of the executive board to say that SGA has no intention of eliminating freedom of the press—neither now, nor in the future. In fact, we’ve never had the power to do so. 

Where do we go from here, then? Where SGA’s accomplishments benefit the student body, we hope you will inform them. But, where critical coverage is deserved, we welcome it too. We need you—as well as all of the other journalistic mediums which comprise the press at Emerson—to keep us accountable so that we may constantly improve and better serve the student body.

Thank you,

Tau Zaman
Class of 2013
SGA Executive Vice-President