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Letter: False assumptions

Christopher Stetson Wilson is the administrative associate to the chair of Emerson’s Journalism Department. Wilson is also an Emerson graduate student studying creative writing. Claire Rodenbush’s opinion piece on June 16 (“Emerson should work for a more affordable hybrid experience”),

Letter: Rejecting the idea of us versus them

Kerry Ferrell is an Emerson College class of 2020 graduate. I wholeheartedly reject the idea of an “Us versus Them” mentality at Emerson in regards to the handling of sexual assault on campus. Rather, I see it as “Those Compassionately

Letter: It is Us Versus Them

Claire Rodenbush is a rising junior at Emerson College who was recently elected as SGA’s executive president for the 2020-2021 academic year. My initial reaction to the opinion piece “Us Versus Them” was one of disgust. Telling survivors of sexual

Letter: Amy Tudor responds to Kevin Quigley statements

Amy Tudor is an alum of Marlboro College and affiliated with I Believe In Marlboro College, a group of alumni and community members opposing Emerson College’s acquisition of Marlboro College.  In a March 19 Berkeley Beacon article, Emerson-Marlboro merger still

Letter: Covid-19 Tuition Refunds

Abigail Semple is the Student Government Association’s executive treasurer for the 2019-2020 academic year.  I wish this wasn’t happening. I wish I could finish my senior year on campus, I wish I could have all the traditions that the graduating

Letter: Don’t make decisions based on rumors

Abigail Semple is the Student Government Association’s executive treasurer for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Everything right now is hectic. Things are overwhelming and scary. But, we all need to remember to care for ourselves, which means sleeping, eating, washing your

Letter: Secrecy at Marlboro College

Rebecca Boyden is a former resident of Marlboro whose father was a teacher, Dean, Trustee and Acting President at Marlboro College for over 30 years I am profoundly disturbed by the levels of secrecy which are now accepted at Marlboro

Letter: Elections Shenanigans unacceptable

Brad Dye graduated from Emerson College in 2006 and served as the Student Government Association’s elections commissioner for three years.  As the person who served as SGA Elections Commissioner for three years, and oversaw the College’s transition from paper balloting

Letter: Abigail Semple on the importance of The Beacon

Abigail Semple is the executive treasurer for Emerson College’s Student Government Association. Although it has been a long and rocky semester, we, as the Student Government Association’s Executive Board, would like to appreciate the tireless work of The Berkeley Beacon

LETTER: Henderson-West responds to criticism of SGA

Someone asked me what I thought about what occurred on Tuesday morning, and here’s the deal: The flagging of the Multi-Purpose Room on Tuesday morning was a call to action. It was a call for accountability. How does Student Government

Letter from the Editor: An appeal for trust

What if our campus had a source of information it could trust? If we didn’t rely on positively-spun emails from administration, petty gossip from your friends, and detailed paragraphs on Facebook? In my ideal world, people look to the Beacon

Regarding President Liebergott#039;s response

We are writing in response to President Liebergott’s recent statement to The Beacon on the tenure controversy. We felt compelled to take exception to her mischaracterization of the dispute. President Liebergott would have readers believe that the administration was standing

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