Library eager to accomodate students and teachers.

Dear Editor,

The experiences described by library users in your article, “Reserved books misplaced,” do not meet the standards we set for ourselves as a student-focused, service-oriented organization. In response, I have initiated a review of staffing, workflow and training that will focus on accommodating the increasing demands at our busy Reserve Desk.

While I was not happy to read that our Reserve Desk operations did not meet the expectations of the individuals quoted in your article, I was even more troubled by the article’s statement that a faculty member requested anonymity “in order to continue putting books on reserve.” The implication that someone who complains is subject to retribution could not be further from the truth.

In fact, prior to the publication of your article, two faculty members did contact me directly with similar concerns and I thanked them for doing so.

The Library regularly invites student and faculty feedback through our suggestion box, our surveys and our blog. Their comments, both positive and negative, are valuable tools as we work to assess the effectiveness of the Library’s resources and services.

Going forward, I recommend that anyone who experiences dissatisfaction at the Library’s Circulation and Reserve Desk should ask to speak to the manager on duty. That manager will most likely be able to address their concerns on the spot, or refer them to the appropriate individual for response.

-Robert Fleming

Executive Director

Iwasaki Library