Lick the lollipop and shake that Laffy Taffy, but avoid the fish candy

Here are three shops-Sugar Heaven, Daily Fresh Candies and Eldo Candy House-that may sympathize with your childish tendencies.,Halloween is over, but you don’t need an excuse to enjoy a little bit of candy in the off season. The minute you start feeling guilty about it, that’s the moment the adult inside of you has beaten your inner child.

Here are three shops-Sugar Heaven, Daily Fresh Candies and Eldo Candy House-that may sympathize with your childish tendencies. They’ll help you sweeten your day when life turns sour.

Sugar Heaven

218 Newbury St.

“If you can’t find what you crave, the staff will be happy to hunt it down.”

These are the sage words of Sugar Heaven founder David Sapers, and thankfully, his store lives up to the promise. The name of this candy shop could not have been more appropriate. Its fun and original decorations welcome sweet-toothed customers with open, sucrose-filled arms.

There isn’t a corner of the store that isn’t piled high with saccharine goodness. From Fun Dip and MM’s to freshly made cotton candy and frozen treats, this confectionary emporium offers more than 15,000 types of candy and novelties that will satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth.

The store does not limit itself to sweet eats, however. The goal is a return to childhood, so they also offer toys like Paddleball, Sea Monkeys, and Rubix Cubes. Go with friends during a day of shopping or for dessert after dinner one night. Its prices are not what you would call cheap, but there are budget options: a Lindt chocolate ball is 65 cents and individual Warheads are 20 cents. But don’t bother looking at prices. Just indulge.

Eldo Candy and Cake House

36 Harrison Ave.

A permeating odor of seafood may not be the first thing you associate with a candy store, but that may change after a visit to Eldo. The Candy House bears a dull atmosphere and bizarre fish-flavored candy, which may make you turn to the store next door. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Eldo Cake House is going to be any better, however. Its menu sounds tempting with “White Flower” and “Lemon Strawberry” cake, but each tastes uniquely repulsive. Other cakes taste like pure margarine and it seems like the chef has never been introduced to frosting.

The only plus side is the prices: a piece of cake is less than a dollar. If for some reason you want to torture your tastebuds with a quick and tasteless creation close by, then these are the places to go.

Dairy Fresh Candies

57 Salem St.

The first step into this little hole-in-the-wall confectioner is like a step backwards in time. Candy and treats are packaged in wrapped plastic and the walls are lined with food. The selection is truly impressive; the first of its two rooms offers nuts and bags of old-fashioned style candies. The other boasts fresh chocolate (truffles, nut mixes, etc.), plus delicious-looking jars of jams and mustards.

Dairy Fresh Candies specializes in chocolates, confections and baking supplies. Not only does it have something for every taste, but the chocolate fudge is delicious. Among the non-chocolate options are dried fruits, Italian specialty products, candied fruits, penny candy, licorice and many others. The employees are incredibly nice and helpful. All of the treats seem to sell out quickly, so each batch is, as promised, fresh.

These delicacies are perfect gifts for special occasions, but you don’t have to wait for a birthday to come around, either. The prices are affordable for students; a half pound of banana chips is about $1.49.If you want something besides pastries and ice cream, Dairy Fresh Candies would be a great stop.