Liebergott visits the Castle

. “We thanked them for their assistance in restoring the barn. We also spoke about the issue of student visas and what next steps we might take to facilitate the visa situation.”

Meijers said there was “a very good atmosphere” at the meeting and that she is now focused on ensuring that Emerson students living at Kasteel Well are in no danger of violating immigration law.

“The Dutch local authorities have shown and still show genuine interest in our issue,” she said. “The plan, as of now, is to try-with the help of the Governor of Limburg, of the American ambassador to The Hague and of Dutch congressmen-to obtain somehow an official recognition from the Dutch Ministry of Education of the European Center of Emerson College at Kasteel Well.”

While Meijers has been working with Dutch authorities since the inception of the Castle program in 1988, she said Liebergott’s presence at the European Center demonstrates the school’s dedication to maintaining Emerson’s presence in the Netherlands.

“It is very different having her tangibly here,” Meijers said. “You can get so much more done or so much more effectively brainstorm about future plans when you are sitting in front of each other.”

Before leaving the Netherlands for a brief sojourn to Prague and Budapest, Liebergott and her entourage toured the castle grounds and made a surprise visit to the dining hall Monday night, a gesture some students savored.

“I think it’s nice that she actually came,” said sophomore acting major Victoria Gomez. “It’s good to know that the President does care and that she’s taking a part with [Meijers] to help make this program even better.”


Gabrielle Dunn, Beacon staff, contributed to this article.