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Bluebikes offers free rides on Election Day

The Boston public bike sharing program Bluebikes is now offering free two hour rides to help voters get to the polls on Election Day.  Sponsored by Massachusetts’s Blue Cross Blue Shield, the company is covering the rides in order “to

8 laughable ‘horror’ movies to watch for Halloween

Watching horror movies is a go-to way to celebrate Halloween, especially for those too easily spooked to visit a haunted house or break out a Ouija board. The desire to binge-watch Halloween classics is even greater this year, as going

Two students front @tiktokforbiden ahead of Election Day

Sophomore Austin Hand used his half a million TikTok followers to help establish TikTokers For Biden, an account rallying young voters behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “What is a platform if you’re not using it for some type of

Pub Club announces semesterly student manuscript winners

Come December, Emerson students will be able to read about a medieval woman who fights societal constraints in the name of friendship and a love story in reverse—each written by fellow students handpicked by the college’s Pub Club. The Undergraduate

Marketing students sell $5 ‘Brownie In A Jar’ in Walker

After the closure of all campus kitchens due to COVID-19, the convenience of cooking in dorms disappeared. But worry not—a team of five Emerson students found a way to create delicious baked brownies with just a microwave, a Mason jar,

Senior wins Fortune 500 marketing contest in midst of pandemic

After senior Madison Umina’s summer internship was canceled due to the pandemic, the program that hired her created a Fortune 500 marketing competition to take its place. Eventually, the marketing communications senior came out on top over more than 150

Bill Burr ‘93 to host Saturday Night Live this weekend

Bill Burr ‘93 will host the second episode of Saturday Night Live’s 46th season this weekend on NBC with musical guest Morgan Wallen.  The Emerson alum has been an active stand-up comedian since the late 1990s and became a fan

Alum creates new DC Comics colorful superheroine “Primer”

Thomas Krajewski ‘99 brought to life a brand-new superhero within one of most well-established comic book universes in the world, DC Comics. The international comics brand published Primer in 2020, which Krajewski created with the help of his writing partner,

Nearby restaurants ‘excited’ by return of college-aged patrons

Businesses neighboring the bustling Emerson campus usually overflow with students, tourists, and commuters in early September. But this year, several nearby restaurants and bars remain eerily empty inside—void of crowds that will likely not return until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

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