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Alum produces horror film ‘Followed’

When Thomas Pettinelli ’13 first came to Emerson College in 2009, he did not anticipate a career in the film industry despite his affinity for movies. Seven years after graduating, his focus shifted and he landed his first executive producer credit

Alum releases book about post #MeToo era

In late 2017, Jaclyn Friedman ‘04 was looking forward to celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the feminist anthology, Yes Means Yes, which she co-edited, when the #MeToo hashtag took over social media. In the months that followed, survivors took

EVVYs announce alumni and student distinction awards

The 39th annual EVVY awards announced the recipients of the Alumni Award of Distinction and the Student Award of Distinction on Friday. Comic book and television writer and producer Keto Shimizu ‘07 was chosen for the alumni award, and Senior

Alum tackles male-dominated food industry in new documentary series

After being assigned to watch Anthony Bourdain’s television shows for a class, Marina Starkey ‘15 began asking questions about how gender influences the food industry. “I noticed [Bourdain] has pretty much unlimited access to all of these different places and

Alum’s live podcast tour comes to Boston in mid-March

Though Emerson alum Patrick Hinds ‘96 graduated with a BFA in performing arts, he spent his college years unsure of his future. He explored his interests through radio and TV internships, which landed him a full-time news associate at CNBC

EAGLE and Active Minds host event on LGBTQ+ mental health

Teary-eyed Emerson students sat in the Beard Room on Feb. 25 and listened to Sam Brinton, a nuclear engineer and LGBTQ+ activist, tell their “elevator pitch to the President of the United States” for ending conversion therapy in America. Emerson’s

Alum creates documentary about lack of LGBTQ+ women spaces

After coming out in her twenties, Alexis Clements ‘01 sought a community space for queer women but soon learned that the majority of them were closing across the country, inspiring her to research the spaces and showcase the narratives of

Tiny Thrift Store expands with Lion’s Den pop-up events

The Eco Ambassadors held their first Tiny Thrift Store Pop-Up on Feb. 11 in the Lion’s Den, marking the beginning of a string of monthly pop-ups. The pop-ups will occur on the second Tuesday of every month from 3–5 p.m.

Emerson alum Ben Collins finds success covering dystopian beat

One morning in August 2015, Ben Collins ’10 woke up and saw the news of Alison Parker—the girlfriend of his good friend and roommate Chris Hurst ’09—shot and killed on live television. The shooter recorded himself killing Parker while she

Em Magazine founder finds success outside of Emerson

As a teenager, Faye Brennan ‘09 ripped pages out of magazines and rearranged them into collages. Once done, she plastered her collages on her wallpaper to continuously remind herself of her end-goal to write for a magazine. In Jan. 2017,

Tom Cooper, champion of treats and sower of kindness

During the Thanksgiving and winter breaks, freshman Jehan Ayesha remained on campus, over 9,000 miles away from her home in Malaysia. Ayesha received a welcoming invitation to the home of professor Tom Cooper, who opens his doors to members of

Alumna to host revived talk show “The Soup” on E!

Emerson alum Jade Catta-Preta ‘07 fondly recalls watching the TV show Talk Soup on E! during her childhood and being drawn to the humor and friendliness of its host John Henson. After the show’s 2015 cancellation, E! announced at the

Alum returns to Youtube with unconventional video

Following the death of his father in 2017, Luke Palmer ‘13 sought to follow in his father’s footsteps with a creative career. In June of the same year, Luke created Rhino Stew Productions, a YouTube channel that produces shorts, video

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