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Em Magazine founder finds success outside of Emerson

As a teenager, Faye Brennan ‘09 ripped pages out of magazines and rearranged them into collages. Once done, she plastered her collages on her wallpaper to continuously remind herself of her end-goal to write for a magazine. In Jan. 2017,

Tom Cooper, champion of treats and sower of kindness

During the Thanksgiving and winter breaks, freshman Jehan Ayesha remained on campus, over 9,000 miles away from her home in Malaysia. Ayesha received a welcoming invitation to the home of professor Tom Cooper, who opens his doors to members of

Alumna to host revived talk show “The Soup” on E!

Emerson alum Jade Catta-Preta ‘07 fondly recalls watching the TV show Talk Soup on E! during her childhood and being drawn to the humor and friendliness of its host John Henson. After the show’s 2015 cancellation, E! announced at the

Alum returns to Youtube with unconventional video

Following the death of his father in 2017, Luke Palmer ‘13 sought to follow in his father’s footsteps with a creative career. In June of the same year, Luke created Rhino Stew Productions, a YouTube channel that produces shorts, video

Podcast live show warns of climate crisis

Podcast hosts Autumn Brown and Adrienne Maree Brown sat on either side of their friend Toshi Reagon to discuss the end of the world.  On Dec. 2., ArtsEmerson and the Office of Intercultural Student Affairs held a live recording in the

Swap and Shop Lite introduced to quell chaos from past events

Piles of clothing, furniture, books, and nonperishable foods overwhelmed the lobby of the 2 Boylston Place residence hall, making it disorderly at the end of the spring 2019 swap-and-shop event. Senior Raven Devanney, a resident assistant in the building, remembers struggling

Events On Campus: Dec. 10-17

Emerson Fights AIDS Gala Join Emerson and its support for AIDs research at the annual Emerson Fights AIDS Gala on Tuesday, Dec. 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m in the Bill Bordy Theatre. Bring your peers and enjoy a

Alum launches business in hopes of igniting local music scene

Pat Timmons ’17 spent his time at Emerson in basements surrounded by vibrant colors, independent artists, and crowds of onlookers.  Whether the shows attracted 10 people or 50, he watched musicians play their music with every ounce of energy they could give.

Victorious prison debate from 1950’s resurfaces at Iwasaki exhibit

Seeking a deeper history of Emerson College’s work in prisons, Emerson Prison Initiative faculty members sifted through the Iwasaki Library’s archives.  They found documents explaining how former Emerson professors Coleman Bender and Haig der Marderosian coached the Norfolk Prison Colony

VMA Department set to offer gun violence prevention video class

The Visual and Media Arts Department at Emerson plans to work in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital through a new class centered around the creation of gun violence prevention videos.  This past July, The Boston Globe reported 17 shootings over

Spirit of Emerson committee to debut annual Kindness Award

An anonymous faculty donor partnered with the Spirit of Emerson organization to establish an award debuting in spring 2020 celebrating kindness within the college community. Professor Tom Cooper and Assistant Vice President of Student Success Sharon Duffy, co-facilitators of the

Phi Alpha Tau honors Boston police commissioner

In the early 2000s, Phi Alpha Tau active brothers often met at Dr. David Brudnoy’s apartment to listen in on his WBZ radio show and meet his guests.  Brudnoy, a broadcaster since 1971, battled HIV in the 90s and broadcasted

Alum grills up success with chain of casual eateries

While on tour with his younger brother’s punk band in Europe, complimentary food platters inspired James DiSabatino ‘09 to make a living off selling cheese and bread. DiSabatino traveled with the band The Carrier from 2007 to 2010 in between school

Alum makes history in MTV show’s all queer cast

In summer 2019, Kai Wes ‘14 appeared as one of 16 cast members on the eighth season of MTV’s Are You the One (AYTO), a reality dating show about finding one’s perfect match. The eighth season marked the first of

Alum turns love of editing into online business

While Liam Carnahan ‘08 earned his degree in writing, literature and publishing, he constantly gave and received critiques on classroom writing assignments.  When Carnahan realized that this brought him more joy than writing itself, he became inspired to pursue a

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