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Miss Manners

a href=https://berkeleybeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/kimya.jpgimg class=alignleft size-medium wp-image-3813480 title=kimya src=https://berkeleybeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/kimya-275×300.jpg alt= width=275 height=300 //a strongKimya Kavehkar, Beacon Columnist/strong nbsp; Any idiot knows not to wear sweatpants to an internship or job interview. If you’ve ever entered the tedium of an interview workshop, this

The power of E3 will set you free

Emerson College is usually associated with aspiring filmmakers, actors, and journalists — not businessmen. There are, however, a number of ambitious people who seek to develop a business of their very own — they’re Emerson’s entrepreneurs. Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship, also known as E3

Busy bodies: entrepreneurship at Emerson

  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal said that more teens and young adults are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to creating jobs. According to the article, less than 30 percent of teenagers 16

EVVY Awards debut new honor for inspirational students

“So many Emerson students do so many things, and so many of them go unrecognized for the impact they make,” said award co-coordinator Jay MacFadgen.,The EVVY Awards are now offering a different way to honor students who make a difference.

A firsthand Boston Marathon survival guide

Yet every year, tens of thousands of runners take on the challenge and complete the Boston Marathon. This Monday, I plan on joining those lunatics. As a rookie marathon runner, I’m both nervous and excited.,A 26.2-mile run from Hopkinton to

Upgrade pad from dormitory to extraordinary

Leaving home and coming to an unfamiliar place, such as Boston, can be difficult enough, but living in messy chambers can make matters worse. If you are completely disorganized after being at Emerson a mere week or if you miss

Marathon day strengthens hearts

The Boston Marathon, an annual event that draws tens of thousands of runners from around the world, brings a benevolence to this normally tourist-wary New England town.,On Beacon Street near Coolidge Corner in Brookline, a few miles from the finish

Professor publishes perspective poetry book

Strobe lights flashed in a Boston nightclub, illuminating dancing bodies and striking the partiers faces that shone neon in the darkened room. Pounding music made conversation impossible, but that didn’t stop patrons from pairing up, whether on the dance floor

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