Local woman insults Boston students in viral video

A resident of Medford, Massachusetts, Kim Costa, came under fire earlier this month when she posted a video on her Facebook page insulting students returning to Boston this semester. 

“Nobody likes you,” said Costa in the video. “You’re a visitor here, an interloper.”

The video has since been made private, although there are still copies available to view online.

In an interview with the Beacon, Costa said she’s doesn’t know why this particular video garnered so much attention. 

“I have a lot of videos on my Facebook wall, and usually they get a lot of laughs and then they die. This has never happened before; I don’t understand it,” she said. “That’s just how I talk. I’m a sarcastic person.” 

Costa said responses flooded the comment section from New England and beyond. 

“I’ve gotten comments from people here [in Medford] to people in England,” said Costa. “I’ve been called ‘uneducated’ and ‘hateful’ but the people who know me and my sense of humor know what I’m really like, and it’s not this.”

Junior Caroline Cassard, however, said she found the video funny.

“I knew it was a joke,” said the writing, literature and publishing major. “I just think that there are a lot more important matters to worry about than a single viral video.”