Love Notes: Cuffing Season

Have you ever noticed that, once it starts getting cold out, even some of the wildest partygoers trade in skin-tight pants for sweatpants, and one-night stands for a steady relationship? The sudden change in relationship statuses can only mean one thing: cuffing season is here.  

This time of the year — more commonly known as the “when did everyone suddenly get together?” period — is essentially a time when people decide to tie themselves down for the winter, rather than continuing to go out and hook up. Why is that? Frankly, because it’s cold and no one wants to leave their dorm. Dating, in this case, seems like a solid alternative. 

There are three categories of people during this wonderful season. Thankfully for you, I have had the opportunity to experience each of these categories during my time at Emerson and get the lowdown on how to survive and thrive during this time of year.  

For those of you already in a relationship, it is important to remember not to be a pain. It’s nice to know that, once winter hits, you already have someone by your side who promised to love you when you get fat over the holidays. But not everyone has someone. You also need to remember that when you give each other cute elevator kisses, you are either annoying or bumming everyone else out. I spent a lovely couple of months curled up in my boyfriend’s bed watching Halloween movies and Freaks and Geeks. I had a great time, but I missed out on a lot of great experiences with my friends and ended up dumping him anyway. It’s okay to be in love, but include other people in your life. I know I sound like I am hating on this group, but most people secretly envy these couples. There has to be some hate. 

Then there are those of us who want to go out on a Saturday night, but find that our friends are already making kissy faces and don’t want to join us. I found myself in this situation freshman year. Everyone suddenly got boring and all I wanted to do was fall in love and be just as boring as them. In my desperate attempt to find someone to call my own, I hooked up with a weird guy who looked like he was 60-year-old Jersey Shore wannabe. Don’t do that. Some people know it’s cuffing season and they can get away with having the face and personality of a troll. Don’t fall for their lies. You’re better than that.  

For those of you who do have the face and personality of a troll and didn’t know this was possible, you’re welcome. Don’t abuse your power. 

If you want to meet someone actually worth your time, don’t go on a desperate  search for love. The more frantic you are, the more people will perceive you as a hot mess and run away. I know no one wants to hear this, but let things go naturally. If all else fails, your best friend’s significant other might have a single roommate who can keep you warm this winter.

Then there are the ones who are alone and cool with it. Go you. Just because everyone else is settling down doesn’t mean you have to. There is a whole new world of possibility out there for you in the streets of Allston. The winter weather means it is more inconvenient to travel to a party and fewer people in relationships will be taking up space on the dance floor. 

No matter what your status is this winter, someone is bound to wish they were in your shoes. Take advantage of what you have and boogie down.