Loveland excited to bring his positive attitude to baseball team in the fall


Courtesy of Briggs Loveland

Loveland at bat for the Burleson Elks.

By Tyler Foy, Sports Editor

On April 15, Briggs Loveland, a middle infielder from Burleson, Texas, announced on Twitter he planned to join Emerson baseball’s 2021-22 roster.

Loveland, who plans to major in journalism, attributes his decision to commit to Emerson to that program and the opportunities it can provide students.

“The journalism program and the academics [are] just top-notch,” Loveland said in an interview. “It was unlike any other school that had looked at me [for baseball] or I looked at.”

Loveland is also interested in picking up a theatre minor. His mother, Jennifer, said Emerson was always her number one choice for him, and conversations between her son and head baseball coach Nicholas Vennochi as he was choosing between schools, confirmed Emerson was the place for Briggs.

“I was thrilled with that decision,” Jennifer Loveland said in an interview. “I felt like it was a perfect fit academically, and I felt so confident in Coach Vennochi and the relationship that he was establishing with Briggs.”

Briggs Loveland said his team spirit is one of the best things he brings to the team, as well as his ability to give everything he has on every play.

“I’m a good teammate and leader,” Briggs Loveland said. “That’s important, and what gets overlooked is hustling, being in the dugout first, and just showing that determination and grit every game. I do have talent on the field, but I think I have more talent off the field—just being a good teammate and competing every single second of the game.”

His father, Cody, echoed his son’s belief, saying Briggs’ ability to cheer his teammates on is one of his greatest qualities.

“He is the epitome of a great teammate,” Cody Loveland said. “He is the guy in the dugout that encourages others. He’s the one that is the first to congratulate, to celebrate, to get out of the dugout, to applaud the efforts of others.”

Leadership is a quality that has followed Briggs Loveland throughout his playing career. Briggs Loveland’s hitting coach, Reggie York Jr., said he possesses a lot of perseverance and commitment.

“He’s a natural-born leader, and people tend to follow him because of his work ethic,” York said in an interview with The Beacon. “It’s nothing for him to throw a ball against the wall for 250 reps, and then go get some work in on the field.”

Briggs Loveland said he spends a lot of time perfecting his craft. He understands his game and knows that he has to continue working on himself.

“There is always room to improve,” Briggs Loveland said. “I know I need to improve my weaknesses and my strengths need to become weapons.”

Loveland’s mother, Jennifer said she agrees his determination is an important aspect of his game. She added his resolve has always been a part of his toolbelt as a player.

“I think his fifth word was ‘baseball,’ and this has been his oxygen his whole life,” she said. “He is the hardest working person that I know and the most dedicated and focused person.”

Briggs Loveland has made a lot of memories on the field, but he said playing with Burleson High School at the Texas Rangers’ ballpark in the second round of playoffs was on the top of his list.

“One of my just all-time favorite moments of high school baseball was when we got to play at the old Globe Life Park,” he said. “To go out there and take ground balls before the game in a big-league stadium, my heart was beating so hard.”

Briggs Loveland said he looks forward to adjusting to life in Boston and starting his new journey as a collegiate student-athlete in the fall.

“This [is a] new part of my life, and the culture is great,” he said. “So far I’ve seen no negatives. It’s all positives from the coaching staff to the practices to the new freshmen coming in, and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”