Massachusetts reports 2,200 new coronavirus cases


Photo: State House News Service

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

By Charlie McKenna, Content Managing Editor

Massachusetts reported 2,200 new coronavirus cases and 23 deaths Saturday, as new infections in the state continue to increase rapidly.

Saturday’s case total is up from 2,038 reported Friday. Single-day cases have now topped 2,000 two days in a row, a mark last hit in late April, at the virus’s peak in the state. 

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker acknowledged a second wave of the pandemic hit the state. 

“The second surge that so many of the folks in the public health community talked about last summer, which now seems like a million years ago, is certainly underway not just here but across the U.S. and frankly across almost all the western democracies,” Baker told local officials gathered for a phone call meeting Friday.

Emerson does not update its COVID-19 dashboard on the weekends as no new tests are administered at Tufts Medical Center. Friday’s dashboard update reported no new positives out of 627 new tests administered on Nov. 5. 

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