Mayor Wu and Boston Transportation Department announce bike network expansion


Courtesy: Creative Commons

By Maeve Lawler, Kasteel Well Bureau Chief

On Tuesday, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and the Boston Transportation Department announced a 9.4-mile expansion of Boston’s bike lanes, most set to be built by December 2023. 

The extension is part of the city’s larger effort to increase bike access and build safer streets. Over the next three years, 50% of Boston residents will be a 3-minute walk to a bike route. 100 new Bluebike stations will also be added, increasing the city’s public bike share by 40%. The expanded bike network will connect to Boston’s current bike paths while also prioritizing improving bike routes with a history of safety issues, according to the city’s website

Bike lane expansion will also take place in neighborhoods within Boston, including Boylston Street, and outside of Boston, including Allston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, and Roslindale. 

These changes aim to reduce carbon emissions while promoting public health and safety. 

In addition, the city plans to construct speed bumps in 30 neighborhoods and 75 raised crosswalks in pedestrian-heavy areas, such as libraries, schools, and parks. Boston also offers free learn-to-bike workshops “led by women and for any Boston resident who identifies as female or gender-diverse,” according to the city’s website