Median content expires June 1


Content on Median can be downloaded or saved onto Panopto, Emerson’s newest video streaming program.

By Maya Gacina

Content uploaded to video streaming program Median will be erased once Instructional Technology Group decommissions the service on June 1.

Panopto will continue to operate as the college’s principal video streaming service following the cut, according to an ITG email sent on April 23.

ITG first announced the move to replace Median in an email sent on Jan. 16 and alerted students to save old media content before its expiration in June. Any videos held on Median will not play after the expiration date—even if the videos are embedded on another site.

Median allows for basic video uploading and sharing features. Panopto enables professors to make notes within a video, monitor how long students watched, and access a search engine for words used in the video, according to a previous Beacon article.

In the email, Monday, ITG welcomed students to transfer content from Median onto Panopto and provided a guide for assistance.

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