Meet women’s basketball transfer Charlotte Levison


Kayla Buck

Levison, who plays Guard and Forward, is a DI transfer from the University of Denver.

By Jordan Pagkalinawan, Managing Editor

Junior guard Charlotte Levison transferred to Emerson from the University of Denver—an NCAA Division 1 program—this year, joining two first-year players as the newest Lions on the women’s basketball team this year.

Entering the transfer portal last October, Levison began talking to coach Bill Gould in November and committed to Emerson on the June 1 deadline after reviewing film from last season’s team.

 “I just wanted more of a balance with my life, school and basketball,” Levison said. “I wanted to have fun and get to play, so that was a big factor … And for basketball, [Emerson is] on the uphill, so I wanted to be a part of it,” she said.

Levison said the transition has been easy, playing pickup games with her teammates and getting acclimated with her coaches. She noted team bonding happens on and off the court. 

“We all hung out on Halloween,” she said. “Everyone was dressed up and hanging out. Basketball was nowhere near our minds. It was pretty nice.” 

Traveling across the country to Boston, Levison is one of three players from California. She said the city environment piqued her interest in the Lions.

“Everything is happening [in Boston], which is really nice,” she said.  “There’s something to do. If you want to get some good food, it’s right next door. It’s perfect.”

Unfortunately for Levison and the team, the junior guard tore her ACL on Oct. 28, taking her out of play for the rest of the season. Despite her injury, Levinson hopes to be a positive presence from the bench. 

“[I] point out things I see that they may not on the court and next year, hopefully [I can] be that leader again,” she said.

Just as she will be a vocal leader on the bench, Levison says that she’s vocal on the court, among her other strengths such a powerful defensive force. She also noted her shooting consistency as an area of growth.

First-year guard Lena Hicks says Levison prides herself on being the loudest person on the court, and Hicks often looks to the junior for guidance since her first day of practice.

“I was apprehensive about meeting everyone on the team, and we really clicked,” Hicks said.  “I feel like I can relate on some stuff with [Levison.] Feeling like I have someone who will be in my corner is important to me.” 

One of Levison’s core leadership traits is encouraging her teammates and communicating constantly.

“I was taking a baseline drive, my head was down, I was just not seeing the court and I heard her yell ‘LENA’ and I looked up, ended up passing the ball and making the play,” Hicks said.  “She’s always in communication and still a part of the team 100% and makes her presence felt.”

Levison advises first-year players that basketball comes and goes, telling them not to stress over everything.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” she said. “You’re going to get yelled at, things are going to happen, but just move on.”

Levison said one of her personal goals is to be the best teammate she can be on the court, no matter what role it is. Since her ACL tear, she’s taken on a mentor role. Hicks said Levison has given valuable advice to the first-year players, especially controlling what they can control.

Whether it’s her energy and communication on the bench or her presence as a teammate and leader, Levison has already made an impact on the team in her first few months, and that will certainly be felt once again once she’s back on the court.