Melissa Jesser

I met a lot of people when I first came to Emerson. Very few of these people are friends of mine now, let alone close friends. Melissa Jesser and I met in the dining hall during Orientation Week, and here we are, as second semester sophomores and best friends.

Not only do I enjoy her company, but I enjoy watching her do what she loves: act.

I wasn’t really a huge fan of plays or musical theater before I came to Emerson, but because of Melissa’s performances I have a new-found admiration for the art.

I watched her in Heart’s Desire, House of Bernarda Alba, and more recently, Seascape. Every time I sat in the audience watching her I got chills, and I think that makes a great actress.

I’ve never made a friend so genuine,  and curious to learn about me. This is starting to get cheesy and I apologize.

Melissa is a gal worth meeting and I look forward to our next two years at Emerson. We can take naps, go shopping, sit in the DH for hours, and Facebook stalk Emersonians together.

I look forward to every time we do those things again.

— Hannah Fleishman