Mr. Max Fox

It takes six letters to spell the name of Emerson’s best comedian, Max Fox. Though he makes fun of it saying, “it sounds like a name from the year 3000 when robots do porn and all have one syllable names”; it’s synonomous with Emerson standup.

Which is good, because Max Fox runs it. Despite not being a registered club, Emerson’s Inside Joke has gotten to finals in a national comedic competition every year since 2009. After taking over the club from Reggie “Rewind” Williams two years ago, Fox has made stand-up stand out.

It’s not without sacrifice. Fox gave up his position in Emerson Comedy Workshop to focus on his solo performance skills. He became comic-in-residence at the Comedy Studio, performing at the Cambridge venue every night for all of January.

Foxo (as friends call him) isn’t just a one man show. His new video sketch group, Dinner for One ( is knocking it out of the park on every video they produce. If you get a chance between all the oh-so-important time wasting you do as an Emersonian, check out “We Remember.” You won’t regret it.

Max Fox, Student of the Week, is the new face of Emerson. A sometimes bearded face, but one with a bright future.

— Adam Goldberg