Muslims in Europe need a chance to succeed

,France has returned to normal. After three weeks of nightly rioting and nearly 3,000 arrests, French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte announced on Nov. 21 that the violence gripping France had officially ended.

Most of those engaged in the riots were underprivileged Muslims, which underlied the fact that there is a major economic and social divide between the newly immigrated Muslim French citizens, who are mostly from North Africa, and the other citizens of France.

Yet, Levitte firmly said in his remarks that the rioting was “not about the role of Islam in France.” This statement is correct and, if you look back into history and track it up to the present, it can easily be proven.

Europe’s colonizing past and welfare present make it a haven for millions of Muslims desperate to escape the stagnation of the Middle East and North Africa. For decades, Christian Europe accepted these wayward refugees largely without question, content with the tacit agreement of providing social benefits so long as the recipients steered clear of the Champs Elys