New ETIN show floats love, hope on internet airways

p>This year, however, sophomores Brady Frome, Rachel Harrison and Ashley Chaney are bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase.,We need to talk: four words feared by anyone in a romantic relationship.

This year, however, sophomores Brady Frome, Rachel Harrison and Ashley Chaney are bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase.nbsp;nbsp; They will be launching a new student-run radio talk show, “We Need to Talk,” on the Emerson Talk and Information Network with the aim of uniting students over relationship dramas, bedroom woes and dating disasters.

“We want to have a place where people can talk openly about their experiences and gain something from hearing other people talk about theirs,” said Chaney, a broadcast journalism major.

“We Need to Talk” will be streamed online on ETIN every Tuesday from 9 to 11 p.m. starting Oct. 7, and will eventually broadcast from the new recording studio, which is still under construction, in the Ansin Building.nbsp;

The studio should be completed by the end of October and will feature all new equipment, including a new soundboard.nbsp; It will also fit five people, an improvement to last year’s studio, which could hardly fit three, said Chaney.

The content of the show will be up to Harrison, Frome, and Chaney, who promise to not hold anything back.

“We’re going to discuss everything from the first date to the first fight to the first screw,” said Frome, a theatre education major.nbsp; “We’re opening the doors to hell here.”

Although all three hosts are straight, they encourage gay and lesbian individuals to participate in the show as well, said Harrison.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable on our show,” she said.nbsp; “We’re all really open people.nbsp; We kiss and tell.”

The idea for “We Need to Talk” was originally Frome’s, who became interested in starting the program almost a year ago.nbsp; First, however, he had to recruit Harrison and Chaney, and then present the idea to Andrew Lippman, a sophomore radio major and ETIN’s general manager, before their project could begin.

“It sounded really cool, so I agreed to help them,” said Lippman.nbsp; “Now we have to wait for the studio to be finished so they can start promoting.”

Funding for these promotions will derive from WERS and WECB, according to Lippman.

“I think the show is really going to get people talking,” he said.

Although the show hasn’t aired yet, Emerson College students have already taken an interest in the program.nbsp; Ted Marsden, a freshman digital post-production major, said he is excited to learn about other people’s dating experiences.

“It’d be fun to hear what other people’s problems are and how people in similar situations dealt with it,” he said.

Other students like Samantha Russo, a broadcast journalism major, say they are more interested in hearing the tips and advice Harrison, Frome, and Chaney have to offer.

“I just want to know how to be the girl that keeps a guy up at night because he can’t stop thinking about me,” said /Harrison is already prepared with an answer.

“You first of all just have to be yourself,” she said.nbsp; “Be confident in who you are and with what you have.nbsp; If you believe, if you know you are the girl who can keep a guy up at night, you will be.nbsp; It all sounds corny and clicheacute;, but that’s because it’s true.”br /