New Vice Treasurer Named

Class of 2014 treasurer Tanya Flink will now assume the position of vice treasurer weeks after her predecessor Corey Starbuck, a former advertising manager for the Beacon, took on the role of Executive Treasurer.

Flink was nominated by president Cami Bravo and was voted for unanimously by the Student Government Association to take the position at the SGA meeting on February 24.

Even though she will be taking on both positions, Flink said she is confident that she can handle the responsibilities associated with her SGA duties.

“I believe I am responsible, efficient, and organized. I will do the best to my ability to be as efficient as possible,” the political communications major said.

Treasurer Corey Starbuck, who served as vice treasurer until February of this year said that Flink is extremely well qualified. He recommended her to apply for vice treasurer because he said that she is a very involved freshman and is used to how the SGA runs.

“She seems very serious about it,” said Starbuck.