No debate on $7,788.86 appeal

The Student Government Association granted the Fashion Society $7,788.86 at a joint session meeting last Thursday.

Morgan St. John, vice president of production for the Fashion Society and class of 2011 senator, presented the appeal.

After no debate, all SGA members voted in favor of the appeal except St. John, who abstained from voting. SGA Executive President Cami Bravo said this is not the first time an SGA member has appealed for funds on behalf of another organization.

“It’s something that has always been done,” Bravo said in an interview. “It is not unconstitutional in any way.”

Rachael Moore, vice president of finance for the Fashion Society, said Spring Fashion Week will cost $11,648. Exactly $5,456 will go toward a fashion show, and $6,000 will cover guest speaker, former Project Runway contestant Nick Varreos.

This is the first time the Fashion Society has asked for money in addition to the $4,687 budget the SGA-recognized group received this year. It has now received a total of $12,475.86 in SGA funds alone.

According to its appeals packet, the Fashion Society received $1,000 in donations from the Office of Student Life and Campus Activities Board. It also raised $100 from its Fashion Fridays, and $260 from the Emerson’s Next Top Model event.

SGA Vice President Tau Zaman said the decision was unanimous, and saw no reason to question the amount requested.

“Everyone was amenable to the amount they [The Fashion Society] requested, and there was no motion to amend it,” the sophomore political communication major said. “I moved to grant the money and everyone agreed.”

St. John said the Fashion Society’s executive board consists of 11 members, and about 70 models, photographers, and contest participants.

St. John said the increased funding for the fashion show will help increase the quality of the event.

“The reason we’re here today is because over the years we have really begun to make a name for ourselves, and we’re really proud of the work we put into the organization this year,” the senior political communication major said at Thursday’s SGA meeting.

St. John also said ticket proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organization that operates a hotline for troubled and suicidal GLBTQ youth.