No Strain Here

By The Berkeley Beacon Archives

Well, here we are, one semester past—along with everyone’s marks. There were only a couple of worryin’ wonders at the half and they seem to have worried the wondering professors into a passing grade.

While the Freshman Theatre Workshop is still in our minds as an excellent production unit, statuettes in form of “Young Lochinvar” (The Emerson Oscar) should be presented to Miss Castano and Mr. McCarthy for fine interpretations of their respective roles. A baby “Lochinvar” should be given to one of the coughers in The Theatre, who carried a supposedly empty atomizer with her and courageously sprayed her throat time and time again with Chantilly Houbigant.

Thoughts while putting up hair (girls). my, there’s a lot of cute boys running around this place. Do you suppose the one who’s giving away all those theatre passes is looking for a date? Could be bribery? (Now dampening the ringlets) . . . I wonder if it’s true that Miss Leslie Bidwell is leaving for another school next year? She’s awfully nice… we’ll miss her. (Now tying the kerchief) … Kinda like that tune of Jack Raleigh’s and the terrific lyrics that Bob Guest pulled out of his deep-channeled mind in three minutes flat!

Thoughts while shaving (boys) .. .Now why haven’t I been asked to contribute to that gift that someone is supposed to be getting for Mr. Kenny? …Saw an advertisement on the front page of the “Traveler” recently: ‘Four dogs
out of five prefer BOMBO.” How on earth do they find out those statistics? (Now rinse blade . . . pull right cheek
taut) …Isn’t it nice to say “good morning” to those nice little girls, Helen McDonald, Sarah Spritzer, and Gwen Gates?

Ah! This changing world! An interesting and 1941 issues of the Emerson year book. The summarizing epigrams that accompany the graduation pictures of the class vice-presidents of each year: 1911—‘‘So didst thou travel on life’s weary way in cheerful Godliness.” . . . 1941—She’s a gorgeous blonde! Open the door, Richard! We’re leavin’!