Novelist to speak at graduation

By Allison Hagan

Award-winning fiction author Dennis Lehane—known for Mystic River and Shutter Island, now feature films—is set to address the class of 2017 at this year’s commencement. 

“[Lehane] and his fellow honorary degree recipients this year … are widely recognized for achievements in their individual fields and their contributions to society through their work,” Carole McFall, associate vice president of communication, said in an email statement. “They will be an inspiration for students and guests at this year’s ceremony.”

The novelist will receive an honorary degree alongside social justice advocate and attorney Anita Hill, nonfiction author David McCullough, and poet and playwright Claudia Rankine.

Lehane is the author of 12 international bestselling novels, four of which have been made into feature films: Mystic River; Gone, Baby, GoneShutter Island; and Live by Night

Lucy Deller, senior visual and media arts major, said that she’s never heard of the novelist, but she’s willing to give him a fair shot.

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“I can’t wait to hear what he has to say,” Deller said.

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