Phi Alpha Tau appeal request funds week-long AID research fundraiser

Phi Alpha Tau appeal request funds week-long AID research fundraiser

By Emily Cardona

The Financial Advisory Board approved Phi Alpha Tau’s appeal request to fund its annual week-long fundraiser for AIDS research at the weekly Thursday meeting.

Phi Alpha Tau appealed to the Student Government Association for $1,099 to fund Brudnoy Week—Dec. 3 to Dec. 7. These funds will pay for t-shirts, raffle tickets, promotional flyers, and catered hors-d’oeuvres at the Brudnoy Gala, an event the fraternity hosts at the end of the week to spread awareness of AIDS to Emerson.

The organization raised $1,500 for AIDS research last year via the Dr. David Brudnoy Memorial Fund.

“This event is not just to raise money for aids research but to also raise awareness,” Phi Alpha Tau Historian and Community Chairman Joseph Sun said.

The appeal will not go to SGA Joint Session for approval as the amount requested falls under $5,000. SGA voted this semester to give FAB the exclusive authority to approve or deny such requests.

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Phi Alpha Tau President Brandon Kaplan said all Emerson students can attend the gala at the Bill Bordy Auditorium and Theater on Dec. 7. He said the organization encourages donations to AIDS research as there is no entrance fee for the gala.