Political, celebrity match-up: Beacon style

Conan O’Brien gave this a shot. So did AOL News. But we at iThe Beacon/i have a better idea of who could play the political players of the 2008 presidential election. We look at a variety of contenders for each of the most influential leaders affecting the polls and judge which ones fit like a hand in a glove and which ones stink more than Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice in iW/i.

bThe Red: John McCain/b

Dr. Evil’s got that eyebrow raising smirk that looks nearly identical to McCain’s. The two also appear to have a generally similar outlook on world politics. And Robert Downey Jr. proved in iTropic Thunder/i that he can play just about any part, so we think his role as Obama would surely generate plenty of Oscar buzz.

Jon Voight is creepy, eccentric and old, but that’s not the only reason why he’d be a perfect McCain look-alike. Actually, that is the only reason why he’d be a perfect look-alike.

Robert Duvall has the grouch factor that would work well with McCain but Anthony Hopkins can convincingly play a conniving sociopath, making him an overall better fit for the part.

bSarah Palin/b

We all know that Tina Fey resembles the moose-hunting tyrant more then any of the other choices, but we at iThe Beacon/i ask you to suspend your disbelief as we look into some more creative choices… like Rod Stewart as Gov. Palin. Just hear us out. If the elections turned into a drag fest, Stewart would be a perfect former beauty queen: the sharp nose, angular chin, rockstar quality, etc. He’s got it all. Now if he could just snap on a pair of $4,000 glasses, he’d be well on his way to the White House. While iSnow White/i’s evil Queen’s hotness may fit more appropriately with Palin’s physique, Voldemort’s venomous soul fits more with her overall character.

bCindy McCain/b

Aside from her physical similarities to Cindy McCain (both have sharp and thin features), Laa Flynn Boyle thrives on playing creepy and cold women on film. Just apply some old-age make up and platinum blonde hair and-voila!-it’s Cindy McCain incarnate.

bThe Blue: Barack Obama/b

Will Smith has the energy and ego to play the ever-confident Obama but he appears too youthful. Don Cheadle , on the other hand, brings an inherent wisdom to every part he plays. Biopic potential? We think so.

Robert Downey Jr. proved in iTropic Thunder/i that he can play just about any part, so we think his role as Obama would surely generate plenty of Oscar buzz. Denzel Washington as Barack Obama may be stretching it a bit, but only because Denzel is too ridiculously good looking. But his poise and charisma match the presidential hopeful, from his smile to his booming, theatrical voice.

bJoe Biden/b

Pierce Brosnan , former 007 and recent vocal embarrassment in iMamma Mia/i, has Biden’s smarmy smile. Whether he can drop his accent and adopt Biden’s faux-everyday American persona is very much up for debate. Ian Mckellen could easily take on Biden’s mannerisms, though his old age may ultimately prove unconvincing. Owen Wilson, on the other hand, has similar facial features. However, his laid-back, bro behavior doesn’t illustrate Biden’s self-serious personality.

bMichelle Obama/b

Angela Bassett is meant to portray Michelle Obama at some point on film. Both women exude a confident and tough persona that make them appear both loveable and slightly unapproachable. If Bassett’s looking for a comeback anytime soon, all she’ll need is Michelle’s approval.