Poll: Charlie Baker gaining ground

A recent poll from the Emerson Polling Society and WGBH showed that Charlie Baker is the favored candidate in the Massachusetts governor race.

After polling 500 people, the 57-year-old Republican garnered 45 percent of the vote, beating out Democrat Martha Coakley, who received 39 percent. When the same voters were asked who they think will win the gubernatorial race, Baker and Coakley both received 42 percent of the vote, while 14 percent respondents were undecided.

In the ninth congressional district race, Republican John Chapman is projected to have a 5-point lead over incumbent Democrat Bill Keating, according to the poll. However, when the group of 343 voters were asked who would win the election, Keating won with 47 percent of the vote, compared to Chapman’s 22 percent.

The poll, done by Emerson and WGBH, cites job creation and healthcare as the most important issues in this year’s race.