Post-Emerson Entrepreneur: Trevor Morrow


Trevor Morrow, an E3 veteran and class of 2010 graduate, developed during his time at E3. was a broad-based website that helped travelers share and discover new information. It won second place and $3,000 at the 2008 E3 Expo, where E3 participants got to present their companies to a panel of judges. Though Morrow has temporarily put the site on hold, he is far from delaying his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Since graduation, Morrow has been busy in sunny Los Angeles where he got hired post-grad by a new Internet-based venture company currently operating in stealth mode, which means no information regarding what it will be or do can be released, according to Morrow. Nevertheless, he said the opportunity allows him to apply all the knowledge from the E3 program.

“I learned so much from E3 and now I know how to start, shape, and create businesses,” he said.

Morrow is also involved in a site called which produces short videos spotlighting life in L.A. The videos profile affordable places to eat, and how to live a full life, in the City of Angels while on the budget of a “starving artist.” This site should be up and running in the next two months.

One of the most rewarding aspects of life as an entrepreneur, according to Morrow, is that he gets to directly connect with many people and hear about their business ideas. As a self-described “lifelong entrepreneur,” Morrow said you must do whatever it takes to see your business become a reality.

“Emerson people are so creative and passionate about following whatever their dream is,” he said. “This is the same mindset that could be applied to entrepreneurship.”