President Green Sends Letter to the Editor of THE BERKELEY BEACON

By Boylston Green

Dear Mr. Mundt,

Certainly no member of Emerson College welcomes the establishment of a newspaper more than J. With its ability to feel the pulse of the community life
from day to day, a college newspaper is the most valuable means possible of solidifying student opinion, of interpreting the varied facets of college life, and of establishing and fostering college spirit.

The editorial policy of a college newspaper is usually a simple one. Its whole purpose is to anatomize and vitalize the spirit that makes the college what it is. Fearlessly, courageously and consistently it must point out the faults in any existing situation. And even more importantly it must make constructive suggestions. For our paper the eternal theme must be Emerson, Emerson, Emerson. No part of our institutional life lies beyond its proper sphere of condemnation or commendation. Students and faculty alike will look to it for judgment and direction. Its editorial page, with space allotted for the printing of letters from contributors, will guarantee freedom of speech, and will become an anvil upon which loyal Emersonians can forge and formulate the ideas and ideals that will direct the thinking and actions of the men and women of the college.

With the present enthusiastic staff, I have little doubt as to the bright future of THE BERKELEY BEACON. To the editor and staff and to their successors, I pledge the whole-hearted and enthusiastic support of the faculty and of the administration.

Cordially yours,