Professor nominated for Grammy

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, a performing arts professor, received a Grammy Award nomination in December for his composition “Vecd.” 

The composition appeared in an album released recently by A Far Cry, a Boston-based string orchestra, according to the college.

Sanlikol said he considered the nomination a major achievement in his life.

“I’m extremely honored and proud,” Sanlikol said in an interview with the college’s website. “It feels to me like this nomination is a major step toward realizing my dream. This was part of my dream of becoming a respected composer when I was a young boy growing up in Bursa, Turkey, 25 years ago.”

Sanlikol teaches a course on perspectives on world music. Marlo Jappen, a junior writing, literature, and publishing major and former student of Sanlikol, said she wasn’t surprised at the news of his nomination.

“He’s very talented,” Jappen said. “I saw his band perform, and it was a very enriching experience. I was just glad to be exposed to different forms of music I had never heard before I took his class.”

Jappen said Sanlikol was very passionate in the class about music, which carried over to the students when he taught.

“The main thing I learned from his class is the power of music and how it brings people together,” Jappen said. “Through his class, I learned that music has the power to transcend barriers like culture and language.”