Public Safety Log

bThursday, Nov. 18/b

The Emerson College Police Department received a call from the loading dock manager who reported a fistfight in Allen’s Alley between two Teamsters loading equipment for the show Spamalot into the Colonial Theater were. Several officers responded to the scene, but the workers’ supervisor had separated the two by the time police arrived. Neither brawler pressed charges.

bFriday, Nov. 19/b

The guard at 180 Tremont St. reported finding graffiti in the men’s bathroom on the fourth floor of the building. One stall was defaced. “Nova is a herb-lover,” was written in marker. The words were removed by facilities.

bSaturday, Nov. 20/b

A Resident Assistant on the seventh floor of 80 Boylston St. reported finding a bag of marijuana in the hallway. The bag was turned over to ECPD.

bMonday, Nov. 22/b

A fire alarm in the WERS reception area at 180 Tremont St. went off at 9:02 p.m. ECPD and the Boston Fire Department arrived on scene. The cause of the alarm is unknown. As the building was empty, no one was evacuated.

bTuesday, Nov. 23/b

Officers were called to the Doubletree Hotel at 1:48 a.m. to investigate a guest of a student who was under the influence of alcohol and possibly in need of medical assistance. The guest was left alone in the student’s room while the student was gone. The guest reported that they had been drinking at a Tufts dorm. The guest was found not intoxicated enough to be sent to a hospital, and was escorted out of the hotel. The Office of Housing and Residence Life is handling the incident.

A female student had her wallet stolen while she was in the Emerson Cafeacute;. Among the items stolen were $300 in cash and a calling card. The incident is under investigation.

A fire alarm was set off on the fifth floor of 150 Boylston St. by a student cooking Thanksgiving dinner for her friends in that floor’s common room. BFD and ECPD responded to the alarm, and the fourth, fifth and sixth floors were temporarily evacuated. No one was harmed.

bFriday, Nov. 24 /b

iEntry of the week:/i An officer on patrol at 6:05 a.m. witnessed several manhole covers blow off on Stuart St. after the transformers underground exploded. The Courtyard Marriott lost power. The students living at the hotel were evacuated to the Dining Hall. The Doubletree employed auxilary power and was not evacuated. Students were allowed to return to the Marriott by 10 a.m. the same day.

An RA on the 11th floor of 80 Boylston St. reported the smell of marijuana emanating from a room. Officers responded and found a very cooperative student who turned over a small bag of marijuana and a glass pipe containing marijuana residue. The paraphernalia was confiscated, and the matter was turned over to OHRL.

bSaturday, Nov. 29/b

ECPD received a call from the manager of Dunkin’ Donuts at 80 Boylston St. reporting a man shouting inside the store. Officers responded. The man admitted to screaming and was removed without incident.

bMonday, Dec. 1/i

ECPD received a call from ADT Security reporting a break-in alarm at Emerson’s Barnes Noble on Boylston Street. Officers responded and checked all the windows and doors, which were found to be secured. The officers concluded that it had been a false alarm.