Public Safety Log

bTuesday, Dec. 2/b

An Emerson College Police Department officer on foot patrol noticed spray-painted graffiti at three separate locations: 195 Tremont St., 201 Tremont St. and 205 Tremont St. The officer determined the tags were not gang-related.

iEntry of the Week:/iA Securitas security guard at 80 Boylston St. found an envelope labeled “anthrax” on the ATM shortly before 5:30 p.m. Upon investigation, the envelope was found to be harmless. ECPD disposed of the envelope.

bWednesday, Dec. 3/b

An ECPD officer transported a male student to Tufts Medical Center for evaluation. The student said he broke or bruised his ribs. The student claimed he had injured himself while sleeping.

bThursday, Dec. 4/b

A motor vehicle accident occurred in Allen’s Alley at 1:27p.m., damaging some of the Little Building’s exhaust pipes. The woman driving, identified as 39-year-old Laura Fink of Everett, Mass, claimed that she struck a curb on West Street and that her tire blew while she was driving down Tremont Street and attempted to turn into the alley. Over the course of the investigation, it was found that Fink had no driver’s license, no insurance, and was driving the vehicle without the authority of the owner. Fink was transported to Tufts Medical Center for treatment and evaluation of a bump on the side of her forehead. The Boston Police Department is investigating the incident.

Four students were trapped in an elevator five on the sixth floor of 80 Boylston St. They were freed by facilities shortly after. The elevator was put out of service for repairs.

bFriday, Dec. 5/b

ECPD responded to a 2nd floor women’s bathroom at 80 Boylston St. to investigate a report of an unconscious female student. Upon arrival, officers found an underaged Emerson student covered in vomit and suffering from possible alcohol poisoning on the floor of the bathroom. The student was taken to Tufts Medical Center via ambulance for treatment and evaluation.

bSaturday, Dec. 6/b

ECPD received a call from a Millennium Security officer who witnessed an unknown male break into the construction site at the Paramount. ECPD gave the BPD a description of the suspect. A short time later, a man matching the description was found on Summer Street in possession of two copper pipes. The man, James Wallace, was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, trespassing and larceny.

Emerson’s Athletics Director called ECPD to report people trespassing at Rotch Fieldhouse on Randolph Street. ECPD officers responded and found 15 males playing flag football. They were asked to leave.

bSunday, Dec. 7/b

ECPD received another call from the Athletics Director to report people playing football at Rotch Field. ECPD officers found seven males playing flag football. The men were asked to leave.