Public Safety Log

iEntry of the Week:/i The Emerson student shuttle van was involved in an accident with another vehicle outside 800 Washington St. Both vehicles suffered minor damages to their bumpers and doors but there were no injuries to the drivers. The shuttle driver and the driver of the other car had conflicting stories of how the accident took place, and insurance companies will be handling the matter.

bTuesday, March 17/b

A fire alarm went off during state elevator inspections at 120 Boylston St. The alarm went off because of a misfunction of the auto dialer and was repaired within a few hours.

Emerson College Police Department received a call from Residence Life staff who reported a severely intoxicated student on the eighth floor of 80 Boylston St. The student was vomiting and acting hysterical. An ambulance was called and the student was taken to Tufts Medical Center.

bWednesday, March 18/b

A faculty member saw a suspicious male on the eighth floor of 216 Tremont St. The man was questioned by employees, but fled downstairs. ECPD officers searched the building but were unable to find anyone matching the male’s description.

bThursday, March 19/b

ECPD received a call from the security guard in the lobby of 80 Boylston St. about a gas odor. Officers found a smell of gas on the first and second floors and called Facilities and National Grid. No other smells of gas were found in surrounding buildings and the smell disappeared after half an hour. National Grid was unable to detect the smell of gas on arrival.

bFriday, March 20/b

An officer on patrol on the second floor of 80 Boylston St. saw a male student trying to enter the dorm using a Rhode Island driver’s license. The license turned out to be fake and the student, who was underage, was found to be intoxicated. The student admiited to drinking and had slurred speech and was argumentative. He was taken by ambulance to Tufts Medical Center.

ECPD was called to Dunkin’ Donuts after a man who suffers from epilepsy had an epileptic attack while ordering at the counter and fell backwards. An ambulance was called and the man was taken to Tufts Medical Center.

A student reported having a Marenz flash recorder stolen while on Boston Common. The recorder was stolen after being left under a park bench for half an hour. The recorder was from the Emerson College Distribution Center and is valued at $1,000.

bSaturday, March 21/b

A student ate lunch in the dining hall at 80 Boylston St. and left her bag conaining her wallet inside. When she returned two hours later, Aramark staff had her bag, but the wallet was gone. The wallet contained $15 in cash, her driver’s license and various credit cards. It was recommended that the student cancel her credit cards.

bSunday, March 22/b

ECPD received an anonymous phone call saying that a visitor who has an active restraining order against him by an Emerson student and a trespassing order against him by Emerson College had been seen at 150 Boylston St. ECPD searched for the individual on campus, but the phone call could not be substantiated.