Public Safety Log

The entry of the Week: On Monday, the general manager of the Gypsy Bar reported that two Emerson students had snuck into the Gypsy Bar through the back door. The incident is under investigation by ECPD for possible thefts.

Monday, March 23

Emerson College Police Department received a call from cleaners about an unknown female in 120 Boylston St. after the building had closed. Police found a student on the fifth floor who had lost track of time while working on a project.

An officer noticed that an unknown person had vandalized one of the doors to Student Services at 80 Boylston St. by smashing the glass. Facilities was notified.

Wednesday, March 25

ECPD responded to the lobby area of 150 Boylston St. for a report of a boyfriend and girlfriend who were having a verbal dispute. Officers separated the participants. One student lived off-campus and was told not to return to the building.

ECPD received a call from cleaners about a student who was in the fifth floor computer lab after the building had closed. Officers found a student who claimed he had lost track of time and escorted him from the building.

Emerson staff were worried about a student’s well-being after he failed to show up for classes and sent ECPD to 150 Boylston St. to investigate. The student was found to be fine.

Thursday, March 26

ECPD received a call for a student who was having a reaction to medication at 150 Boylston St. The student complained of dizziness and chest pain and had taken Excedrin and a five-hour caffeine drink. The student was taken to Tufts Medical Center.

Officers responded to the basement of 180 Tremont St. where fifteen people were stuck in an elevator. One of the elevator occupants was complaining of claustrophobia. ECPD, facilities and the occupants of the elevator were able to force the doors open and free the occupants.

Friday, March 27

ECPD was called to Barnes and Noble for an individual who had been inside the store for a prolonged period of time and appeared to be casing the store. The individual said he was inside the building to stay out of the cold. He was asked to leave and obliged.

Officers responded to 150 Boylston St. for a student who was stuck in an elevator on the fourth floor and was close to hysteria. Facilities was able to open the door and the student was calmed down with no further need of medical attention.

ECPD was called to the fifth floor of 80 Boylston St. for an underage student who consumed too much alcohol and was diabetic and was suffering complications. The student had consumed most of a fifth of a gallon of vodka. An ambulance was called and EMTs gave the student a high concentration of sugar. The victim was then taken to Tufts Medical Center.

Sunday, March 29

A highly intoxicated 47-year-old man collapsed in the lobby of 80 Boylston St. ECPD found the victim fading in and out of consciousness and the victim was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital The victim had no affiliation with Emerson College.

ECPD transported a student to Tufts Medical Center for recurring abdominal pain.