Public Safety Log

iEntry of the Week:/i ECPD received an anonymous call on Thursday from soneone within the Massachusetts Transportation Center who reported seeing someone jumping from rooftop to rooftop in the vicinity of 150 Boylston St. Officers investigated but didn’t find anyone.

bMonday, March 30/b

The Emerson College Police Department responded to the second floor of 120 Boylston St. for a student who was not feeling well. The victim said she felt numb and complained of dizziness. ECPD transported the student to Tufts Medical Center.

bTuesday, March 31/b

An unknown person tagged an elevator at 80 Boylston St with a black marker. Facilities was notified and removed it.

bWednesday, April 1/b

A staff member reported that a departmental projector was missing from the supply closet at 80 Boylston St. The staff member said he had not used it since November. The projector is valued at $1,460.

bThursday, April 2/b

The manager of Barnes and Noble reported a suspicious person who appeared to be shoplifting. Officers found the person outside of the store. There were several books hidden on the person, which were returned, and the person was sent away. The bookstore is undecided on whether it will take out a criminal complaint.

An unknown person vandalized the front door of 180 Tremont St. by striking it, causing the glass to crack. Facilities were notified to repair it.

The technical director of the Performing Arts Department reported that the Boston Opera House has been dumping papers and leaflets into the scene shop’s private dumpster.

bFriday, April 3/b

ECPD responded to the fifth floor of 150 Boylston St. for six students who were stuck in an elevator. Facilities was notified and the students were freed.

bSaturday, April 4/b

Officers responded to the seventh floor of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel after someone vandalized four of the light fixtures. The incident is under investigation.

ECPD was called to the Emerson Cafe where the assistant manager was involved in a dispute with a fellow Aramark employee. The employees were separated by the police and the employee was sent home by the manager.

ECPD reported to the laundry room of 150 Boylston St. for an intoxicated student who was asleep on one of the dryers. The student had vomited and urinated on himself. When the officers woke him, he was unsteady on his feet with slurred speech. The student said he was supposed to meet a friend inside the building and admitted to drinking at an off-campus party. An ambulance was called and he was taken to Tufts Medical Center.

ECPD was called to Barnes and Noble for an elderly male inside the store who had defecated on himself. When police officers approached the male, he refused medical attention and said he was waiting for his wife. He was asked to leave the premises and complied.