Public Safety Log

iEntry of the Week:/i An Emerson student left 80 Boylston St. carrying a guitar and accidentally struck an unknown male with the end of the guitar on Sunday. Before the student could apologize, the man punched him the face, causing minor redness, and fled the scene.

bMonday, April 13/b

A cleaner working at 120 Boylston St. reported seeing two people inside the building after hours. Emerson College Police Department found two students in one of the computer labs. The students said they had lost track of time and were unaware the building had closed. They willingly left the building.

bTuesday, April 14/b

A cleaner found a student inside one of the labs at 120 Boylston St. The student was working on a final project and was aware the building had closed, but had wanted to work as long as possible and left the building willingly.

bThursday, April 16/b

ECPD received a report from the Boston Police Department refrencing an arrest of two Emerson students on March 24. A mounted officer on horseback found two Emerson students smoking marijuana and a search by the officer yielded more than an ounce of marijuana. The officer called BPD, who arrested the students for marijuana possession.

ECPD received a phone call from a concerned parent after his or her daughter, an Emerson student, woke in her room at the Doubletree Hotel to find a man in her room. The male was a maintenance worker for the hotel who had been sent to the room to perform maintenace work. He apologized and left the room.

bSaturday, April 18/b

ECPD received a call for four students who were trapped in an elevator in 150 Boylston St. on the fifth floor. They were freed after an hour.

An Emerson student reported having her wallet stolen in the Emerson Cafeacute;. She saw a suspicious male at another table who was counting change, then left abruptly. After the man left, the student noticed her wallet was missing. $138 was spent using one of the student’s credit cards before she was able to cancel it.

bMonday, April 20/b

A homeless person entered the lobby of 150 Boylston St. complaining of back pain. ECPD called an ambulance and he was taken to Tufts Medical Center.

A student went to lunch and returned to the common room of his suite on the tenth floor of 80 Boylston St. to find his laptop missing. The door to the suite was unlocked and the laptop was valued at $2,000. Two hours later, another student from the same suite reported his laptop was also stolen. The second laptop was valued at $1,300. The thefts are under investigation.

RAs on duty on the eleventh floor of 80 Boylston St. reported a strong smell of marijuana coming from a student’s room. ECPD arrived and found two Emerson students and three guests inside. No marijuana or paraphernalia was found, but all five students admitted to smoking marijuana. The matter was turned over to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.