Public Safety Log

Wednesday, Feb. 15:

•Emerson College Police Department officers reported to Piano Row to investigate a fire alarm that went off. They determined that the dry sprinkler system on the exterior of the building had malfunctioned and caused the alarm to sound. The college hired contractors to make the repairs. 

•An officer responded to a computer lab on the sixth floor of the Walker Building to investigate an alarm from a computer’s anti-theft device. The officer determined that the computer was moved slightly, triggering the alarm.


Thursday, Feb. 16:

•An officer investigated graffiti in the Walker Building of what appeared to be the outline of a head drawn in purple marker. The officer requested that Facilities Maintenance scrub the walls clean of the vandalism.

•An Emerson student reported on behalf of two other students that they were harassed by another Emerson student via a social networking site. ECPD investigated and found no suspicious or criminal language. The complaint was referred to the Dean of Students Ronald Ludman.


Friday, Feb. 17:

•A food services manager reported a student shoplifting to the ECPD. According to the manager, an Emerson student placed a beverage into his back pocket and went through the cashier station without paying for the item. The incident was referred to the dean of students. 

•An Emerson College student reported the theft of his bicycle valued at approximately $400 from the bicycle racks in Boston Common across from the Little Building. The theft occurred between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.


Tuesday, Feb. 21:

The manager at the Emerson College bookstore reported that two middle aged men ran from the store with two sweatshirts valued at $50. The sweatshirts were taken from a rack in the front of the store. An Emerson College employee observed the two men run on Boylston Street towards Tremont Street. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate anybody fitting the description provided