quot;Perfect pickquot; Glenn leaving college

I was very honored to have my Development of the American Welfare State course mentioned as a “perfect pick” for the fall semester in your April 2 edition. Alas, I will no longer be at Emerson this fall, and the course will no longer be offered. I was informed by Vice President for Academic Affairs Linda Moore that the college’s hiring of a political scientist was an error, and that they should have hired a historian instead. Thus my contract here has not been renewed.

For legal reasons, Emerson will not be able to offer the Welfare State class nor Campaigns and Elections again in the near future. I am saddened for the student body that these courses will no longer be part of the curriculum, since they are important subjects in their own right, and the methodological approaches students learned in them are central for those who seek to be active and engaged citizens.

That being said, I want my students to know that the true loss in this is all mine. I will miss you. If you ever need me, do track me down!

i-Brian J. Glenn

Assistant professor

Political science/i,Brian J. Glenn