Rebranding survey launches this week

In an email to the student body, Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing, announced that the rebranding survey will be released on Nov. 12.

The rebranding team, which includes Tiedemann, created the survey with SimpsonScarborough, a higher education consulting firm, and will collect information from current students, alumni, and faculty about their experiences with the college.  

Announced in 2013, this project is the first rebranding initiative by the college since 2004. The survey results will help Ologie, a branding agency hired by the school, hone their develop the college’s public identity. The narratives, or portrayals of the school’s reputation, were put together with the help of an advisory board made up of students, faculty, and alumni. This information, along with the data from the survey, will be used to determine the new website and logo.

“This study is part of a broader research project that will help refine Emerson’s identity to reflect our commitment to academic excellence, civic engagement, globalization, and innovation,” Tiedemann wrote in the email.