Rebranding survey out next month

A survey meant to collect data for Emerson’s rebranding initiative will likely be released much later than originally anticipated. Initially slated to be released in early September, it will now go live in late October or early November, according to Andrew Tiedemann, vice president for communications and marketing.

The results will supplement information gathered in focus groups and interviews with members of the Emerson community by hired higher education consulting firm SimpsonScarborough last spring. This is the college’s first comprehensive rebranding initiative since 2004, and the effort was originally announced in fall 2013.

The survey will ask prospective students, alumni, and current students and faculty about their personal experiences with the college.

Information collected will also help Ologie, the branding agency hired by the college, improve their drafts for a new narrative direction for Emerson. Ologie first presented several ideas at an advisory board meeting this summer, which have since been refined three times. Tiedemann said he has been speaking with representatives from the company almost every other day during this process.

Tiedemann said he delayed the release because he wanted to format it so the results could align with Ologie’s work.

“It was clear during the presentation [this summer] that it would be premature to do the survey,” Tiedemann said.

Tiedemann said the survey is nearly complete, as 20 of the 25 questions have been approved by the executive committee of the project, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. He said once everything is complete, they’ll need a couple weeks to program the survey so it can be distributed electronically.

Despite delays in the rebranding effort, Tiedemann said he is still confident the college will be ready to present their new identity this spring.

Assistant News Editor Katherine Burns contributed to the reporting of this article.