Recyclemania results

Emerson placed 113th out of 256 in the annual Recyclemania competition, a national contest that ranks schools based on how much they recycled in an eight-week period. This represents a significant increase from the previous years; last year, Emerson placed 220 of the 274 participating institutions, and in 2012, Emerson ranked 229 out of 273. The college jumped in other key indicators too, according to Eric Van Vlandren, the campus sustainability coordinator. Over 400 students, faculty, and staff signed a pledge promising to, among other commitments, “learn what materials I can and cannot recycle at Emerson College” and “tell five friends about RecycleMania and recycling at Emerson College,” according to Van Vlandren—double the amount of last year. And Emerson increased its recycling rate to 30 percent from 17 percent last year, beating its goal of 25 percent. The winning institution, Antioch University in Seattle, posted a rate of 93 percent.