Renovations to begin on Common

Birds chirping, flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the sound of construction on Boston Common are all things to look forward to in the coming months.

According to Elizabeth Vizza, executive director of Friends of the Public Garden, renovations to Boston Common including wireless Internet access, chess tables, and outdoor piano, set to begin at the end of March.

“I think the space will see a dramatic change in use pattern,” Vizza said. “Hopefully people who normally just pass through will want to linger more.”

Other changes to the park include fixing cracked sidewalks, planting more trees, and building a piazza with 30 tables and umbrellas and 70 movable chairs. The renovations are about $1.5 million, according to the Boston Globe.

Vizza said the plans for the initiative started several years ago. The Friends of the Public Garden wanted to create an atmosphere that appeals to a variety of Boston residents. For students at Emerson and Suffolk University, Vizza said the new renovations will provide a great place to spend the afternoon.

“It’s going to be a magnet,” she said. “If I was a student, I’d go sit in a chair on a spring day and work.”

Blair Li supports the renovations to the park and and thinks the changes, specifically the piano, will be a great asset.

“I know a lot of people who go to do work there,” the freshman television production major said. “It’s relaxing.”

Kailey Godoy, a sophomore writing for film and television major, agrees with Li and said the wi-fi will bring more people to the common.

“Just the sun brings people out,” Godoy said. “If that doesn’t draw you in then the wi-fi will.”