Reporting issue prompts erroneous loan emails


Hongyu Liu

Ansin Building of Emerson College

By Charlie McKenna

A student enrollment reporting error caused some loan providers to see some Emerson students’ status as not enrolled, prompting them to notify the students that they would need to start repaying their loans in the coming months, according to the registrar’s office.

The issue was reported by the registrar’s office in a Tuesday morning email, which blamed a “technical error” for the confusion. The office said it was working to resolve the issue and no action was required on the part of students while that effort was ongoing. 

If a student is enrolled full-time for the Spring 2022 semester and their loan is deferred while enrolled, they received the loan notice in error, according to the email. 

Students who were told a payment was due in the next 30 days were instructed to request an “In-School Loan Deferment” form, which should be sent to the registrar’s office to verify the students’ enrollment status, the email said.