Romano rocks it out on Lions offense


When he’s not attending classes, singing, or playing his saxophone, lacrosse player Andrew Romano is leading the conference in goals and helping to usher in a new era for the program. 

The freshman marketing communication major came out of the gate for the Lions with a strong start as an attacker, leading the team with 48 points, and leading the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference with 34 goals. In lacrosse, points are calculated by adding up the number of goals and assists a player has for the season.

Romano said he started playing lacrosse in sixth grade, after being inspired by his father, who played the sport at the club level in his college days. 

Romano, who hails from Sarasota, Florida, said he began his high school lacrosse career in Connecticut as a freshman varsity player, due to his mother working in the state that year, before moving south for the next three years of high school.

“Florida lacrosse wasn’t as developed yet,” Romano said. “It was much different down there, and I was really able to succeed there.”

Romano then decided to attend Emerson, mainly because of the opportunities he hoped the school would bring him in his interests. 

“At Emerson, you can do everything from marketing to things in the music industry,” Romano said. “It was mostly the school itself that helped my decision; having lacrosse was an added perk.”

He has been playing saxophone since sixth grade and singing since his freshman year of high school. He said music and lacrosse are both big parts of his life, and he wants to incorporate his musical talent with his marketing skills while at Emerson.

With lacrosse, Romano quickly made an impact on his team with his offense and became vital to the team’s attack. 

Head coach Daniel Gold said Romano has been a reliable and smart offensive player. 

“He isn’t the most fancy in any aspect of his game, and I say that as a positive thing,” Gold said. “He’s super fundamental, he’s very coachable, and he really is not a flashy player.”

Gold said Romano’s determination has been important for the team as a whole.

“He’s a consistent worker and he knows the game,” Gold said. “He ends up in the right places at the right time and he takes dodges and goes to the goal at the right time.” 

Nick Kitsos, a junior marketing communication major and linemate of Romano on attack, agreed that Romano has been an asset in the team’s success, which is currently 5-6 and has already surpassed last season’s record of one win.

“He’s a dynamic player; he can really do it all,” Kitsos said. “He can score goals, he can make passes, and he’s a great listener too.

Kitsos said Romano’s presence on the line with him and freshman Diego Rosende has created a threatening offense for the Lions, and the three communicate well together on the field.

Despite Romano’s impressive stats this season, the attacker said he wants to focus more on improving the team as a whole throughout his time at Emerson.

“It’s a growing program and it’s definitely at the beginning,” Romano said. “I think, by the time I graduate, I want to see it succeed and have a winning season.”

However, both Kitsos and Gold understand the impact Romano has on the program individually with his play, and said he will continue to grow and get better over his time at the college. 

“I think he will definitely be one of the best players to come through Emerson thus far,” Kitsos said. “He will rise up and really become one of the Emerson lacrosse greats.”

Gold said if Romano stays consistent with his current work ethic and mindset, his success will continue to increase over his time at Emerson. 

“He needs to stay who he is right now and stay true to his roots and keep plugging away,” Gold said. “He has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps doing the things he’s been doing now.”