Run off election determines class of 2015 president


In January Ben Halls will begin his run as class of 2015 president, becoming the oldest member of the Student Government Association.

The 24-year-old London native was the landslide winner of the run off election with 65 percent of the vote over Donovan Birch Jr., according to Patrick Comeau, SGA elections commissioner.

After none of the three candidates for class of 2015 president received the 51 percent majority vote needed to win the election in early December, a run off election between Halls and Birch Dec. 12 decided the winner.

Halls said he is excited to jump into work with the SGA.

“A lot of the start of next semester will be fulfilling the administrative duties which come with founding a Class Council, and along with that we want to hold an event as soon as possible to introduce ourselves to our classmates and see what specific issues they want us to start addressing,” he said in an email to the Beacon.

The run off race also included the position of class of 2015 treasurer. According to Comeau, Lauren Mandel won the spot against LeeAnne Dillman with a 59 percent majority vote.