School may reimburse cost of changed travel plans

In light of the newly extended academic calendar due to numerous snow days, Emerson announced it would offer reimbursements to students who have to pay to change their travel arrangements.

The semester, which was originally scheduled to end on May 6, has been extended to May 9, according to an email sent by Kellie J. Fuller, the associate director of retention and student success.

She wrote that the school understands that some students made travel arrangements based on the original calendar released in Summer 2014.

Fuller attached a letter in the email for students to send to their travel providers as supporting documentation to get their change fees waived.

She explained that there would also be a process for requesting reimbursements if travel companies weren’t understanding of the students’ travel changes.

“It is our hope that travel companies will take this into consideration and be flexible with change fees for our students since no one predicted such extreme weather conditions,” Fuller wrote.

If the travel provider were to decline the waiver, students have been given a reimbursement request form to fill out and return to the school by March 6, along with proof of the original change fee. 

Fuller said if the reimbursement is approved, it will be a one-time offer, and future travel change fees that could come from future academic calendar changes will not be considered for reimbursement.